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Watercolor Hair Dye Technique

Earlier this week my sister and I made a YouTube video  https://youtu.be/vDQ3g3VM2xI chronicling our experimentation with the
watercolor hair dye method. Our video was inspired by influencers on
Instagram rocking their amazing watercolor styles. Even though we lack the skill
and talent when it came to the installation of the wig (we tried our best), we
found this technique easily achievable with the right products, instruction, and
some trial and error. What we liked most about the watercolor method is that its
inexpensive and easier than previous hair dye methods of the past!


 We hope that you love pink like we love pink, so for our video on
YouTube https://youtu.be/vDQ3g3VM2xI we chose a rose gold to color for our
#613 Russian Blonde wig. This technique is definitely made for us DIYladies
that want those whimsical warm hues of strawberry blond with extra peach to
rose gold with ginger undertones, the watercolor hair dye method can bring a
kaleidoscope of possibilities from bright vivids to light calming pastels and
every color in between. Here’s the scoop on how we got the perfect water color
tresses of our favorite celebrities and fellow Youtubers.


 How to Watercolor Your Wigs/Extensions

List of products that you need for Rose Gold watercolor hair

  • 3 bottles of Kiss Tintation Semi-Permanent Hair Color 5 Ounce (rose gold)
  • 1 Bottle of Kiss Tintation Semi-Permanent Hair Color 5 Ounce (Ginger)
  • KISS LIFT UP Powder Lightener & developer
  • 613 bundles, closures, or wig
  • Large spoon, whisk, or tongs
  • Large clear plastic bin (purchased from the dollar store, our container could hold about 5 gallons of water)
  • Hot water *use extreme caution
  • Gloves 

  Hair Prep

  • Remove hair from all packaging, this includes hair ties, rubber bands and paper products
  • Be sure to detangle hair prior to water coloring to better manage hair during the coloring process.
  • Apply Lift Up powder lightener to hair using manufacturer directions *you need to a purchase a developer separately
  • Lift Up Lightening Powder has a gentle yet effective formula that provides the lift required to achieve the desired results for watercolor
  • ***When mixing developer into powder gradually add developer then mix until all recommended amounts of developer is added

 Prepare Watercolor Bath

  • Place 2.5/3 gallons of Hot water into a CLEAR plastic 5 Gallon bin (*please use extreme caution not to burn yourself)
  • Place Kiss Tintation Semi-Permanent Hair Color 5 Ounce (3 rose gold/1 ginger) bottles in to water and stir with Large spoon, whisk, or tongs.
  • Make sure all material is completely dissolved into the water.

 Watercolor Wig/Extensions

  • Place gloves over your hands
  • Place a small portion of hair in the solution to test color
  • Fully submerge extensions in water (be sure to separate and spread hair out so the color can evenly penetrate each hair strand.
  • Allow wig or extensions to sit fully emerged in solution of 5-7 minutes before removing to check for desired color shade.
  • ** For a more vivid color feel free to re-submerge hair for another 5-7 minutes to reach desired color shade.
  • Once desired color is achieved remove hair from solution, rinse, shampoo, and condition hair with color- protecting products.

 ***Final Product Rose Gold Wig Courtesy of Nalim Hair Company LLC

There you have it, The Watercolor Hair Dying Method. I hope you find this
article informative and a cost-effective way to be creative. Don’t forget to share
photos and comments below of your watercolor creations with us at
http://www.nalimhair.com/! *** Don’t Forget to Check out and Subscribe to our
YouTube Channel https://youtu.be/vDQ3g3VM2xI
Tonya H.

*Disclaimer These statements are the opinion of Nalim Hair Company LLC and do not reflect the opinions or beliefs of YouTube, Kiss Colors and Products, or affiliates mentioned in this article.

This article is not sponsored. 


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    R u able to dye ur real hair with water color

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