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How to Apply Faux Lashes

Now it’s the summertime, we know that faux lashes are and important accessory to the summertime wardrobe. So, for all you Nalim beauties that will be slaying with your lovely lashes. Here are some helpful instructions to help make sure you successfully apply your lashes for all occasions. Check out the tools you will need to achieve apply faux lashes:

 Tweezers/Lash Applicator

Eyelash Glue (Duo Eyelash Glue)

Faux Mink Lashes

Lash Curler



  • Make sure you apply all eye make-up before applying lashes this includes eyeliner and some mascara, this is done to mask any movement if your lashes decide to shift.
  • Use lash glue such as “Duo eyelash glue” to secure lashes, but please remember to look at the labels of these products if you have sensitive skin or allergies.
  • We also recommend our clients use high quality lashes, such as faux mink lashes. Faux mink lashes can be worn numerous times, react better to everyday wear and tear, are cruelty-free, and offer unparalleled comfort during application.
  • Be sure to measure and trim your Faux lashes if needed, no two eyes are alike.
    To measure them, place the faux lashes on your eyelid just above your lash line and carefully trim the false lash where it is too long (to achieve a natural look).
  • Use a glue applicator brush to place glue on lashes (apply a thin line of glue on the outer seam of faux lash).
  • Always look down when placing your lashes on the lash line. 
  • Apply lashes from an upward angle to get the best outcome possible
  • Start by applying the middle of lash first, then press down on lightly on both corners of the eyes.
  • Use tweezers/lash applicator to press lashes together for a flawless look.
  • It is very important to let the eyelash glue air dry
  • Finally apply mascara to blend both natural and faux lashes together for a glamorous look
  • Lastly, use make- up remover to dissolve the eyelash glue and remove the Faux Lashes

     These are just a few tips and tricks to try when applying falsies. I hope these methods prove to be effective in achieving a more dramatic look without giving you a hard time.



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